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Title: How to Access Gmail in Outlook 2013 (Using IMAP)
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The most adaptable and effective approach to get to Gmail in Outlook is additionally the potentially least demanding to set up.

As an IMAP account, Gmail does a great deal more than offer recently included messages for download. You likewise access old messages and all your Gmail names, which show up—and can be utilized—as organizers in Outlook. Activities, for example, chronicling or erasing messages and beginning another draft, are naturally synchronized with Gmail on the web and reflected in other email programs, say on your telephone, that likewise get to Gmail utilizing IMAP.

Since Outlook is acquainted with Gmail and its IMAP settings, you have minimal more to do however enter your log-in subtle elements—and ensure IMAP is turned on in Gmail.

(Note that POP access to Gmail in Outlook is additionally accessible and a strong option on the off chance that you need to bargain—or move down—mail on your PC without agonizing over names and synchronization.)

Access Gmail in Outlook Using IMAP

To include Gmail as an IMAP account (naturally synchronizing online marks as organizers) to Outlook:

Ensure IMAP access is empowered for the Gmail account you need to set up in Outlook.

Click FILE in Outlook.

Go to the Info classification.

Click Add Account under Account Information.

Enter your full name—as you need it to show up in the From: lines of messages you send from the Gmail account in Outlook—under Your Name:.

Sort your Gmail email address under E-mail Address:.

Presently sort the Gmail account's password under Password:.

Enter the Gmail password again under Retype Password:.

In the event that you have two-component confirmation empowered for the Gmail account, make another application password, obviously, and utilize that under Password: and Retype Password:.

Click Next >.

On the off chance that you need all your messages accessible in Outlook (the default setting is to just have entry to the previous three months of mail):

Ensure Change account settings are checked.

Click Next >.

Ensure All is chosen under Mail to keep logged off:.

You can likewise choose some other synchronization period, obviously.

Click Finish.

When Outlook has wrapped up a test message (from the Gmail account to the Gmail account):

Click Close to the Test Account Settings window.

You can likewise, obviously, set up Gmail as an IMAP account in Outlook 2002 and Outlook 2003 and in addition to Outlook 2007.

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